Pages of My Life (Autobiography)

                     The feeling when I read books makes my mind imagine and explore so many things; It makes my life complete as I read books. I remember a quote from Leonardo The Vinci which goes “Once you tasted of sky you will forever look up” The sky represents the book, once I started reading I cant resist on it I keep on reading and reading, that’s why i like reading it also set my mind at peace when I am reading I also gain some information, knowledge that will make awesomeness when i read.

                       On June 8, 2002, a night that other women consider as the lament or sorrow that they feel,at 10:00 pm I was born in province of Bicol, in Albay where I grow up. I am the youngest children of Virginia and Joselito Nasayao.

My childhood has a lot of memories. My cousin and I like to read a books, I being a temporary Teacher and he as an Engineer. So many things happened in our lives, awesome and memorable ones. These represents the pages in our lives every year, events that happened to us were be written like a story in book. The medals that we received, playing differents sports that we played and some people who we encountered, we think that they can trusted as a good friend.

Another hurtful experience in the past was when my father passed away. I know how hard it is for me and my family to deal the pain but as a family we faced it as one. Such situations will be a memories that will be written in every pages in our life. As the time goes by those memories that we’ve make us realize what are the lesson of each. I have learn that every memories in my life is important and don’t depend on someone for everything I do just believe in myself.

As the years go by I think I will be a professional Teacher. I will have my own house that I, myself has designed and a car. I remember a quote on social media that I’ve seen is “People were created to be loved, Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people being used. This quote make people realize and see what is the real importance of the people around us. Do not focus on one thing but focus for everything.

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