Plastic Surgery In Korea ( Literary Journalism)

As a whole, modern day in Korea is an image concious and competitive nation. Plastic surgery is the standards of being beautiful, greatly depends on how attractive one looks. Why Korean people do plastic surgeries? If you want to know the answer read and let’s find out.

The Korean plastic surgery is trend. How did it all come about? Before diving head first, here are some facts that everyone who is interested in korean plastic surgery should know. The Actual establishment of  Korean War (1953) followed by Japan’s devastating 35 years colonization. Back then, it was one of the world’s poorest nations and one of it’s least developed areas was famous “Gangnam district”.

Appearance came second when the need to eat and survive was strong, 1961 the GDP was below $100 that means the average household earned less than $100 a year, so one can only imagine how poverty stricken the country was. Fast forward to 2015 GDP the GDP capita in South Korea well approaching. Furthermore, as people got wealthier, they had more time and money to spend on their health and beauty.

Beauty became so much focus on their everyday lives this cultural phenomenon has been given the name,”Korean Plastic Surgery Boom”. How much is this ingrained in the South Korea culture? Children as young as high-school aged would receive plastic surgery as graduation gifts from their parents.

For the ladies korean look isn’t very far off. Creating fairer skin,double eyelids, a prominent nose bridge, and a slimmer looking face is commonly requested by may experts. More and more korean celebrities have also found to have gotten surgery. Most popular in korea is double eyelid surgery, which make the eyes look bigger and rounder. Korean people do plastic surgeries because it is their way to be beautiful/handsome person. They are concious on their faces apparently the teenagers.

1953 it is the Korean War were that time it is one of the poorest nations and one of its least developed areas was famous “Gangnam district”. 1961 where the GDP capita was below $100. 2015 the GDP approaching well. That’s the reason why people do surgeries because the income of korean people increases and that the time they are concious about their beauty etc. It is their way to be a beautiful and handsome person. It is one of their standards to be a beautiful and handsome; mostly the celebrities.


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