Life as a Junior: A Personal Narrative

My life in Junior High School was never been easy. I experienced a lot of cahllenges in my life. Those years in Junior High School made me realize and appreciate the memories happened in my life. Even though theres a lot of challenges,struggles in my life it has always my happy and memorable moments in Junior High School.

I was 11 years old when I enrolled in Daraga National High School as a grade 7 student. At first I didnt socialize with my classmates at all because im not comfotable as the time goes by I has a friends that I can relay on, but weeks later they are so angry at me because they are jealous that i am a close friend of the boy they like. I know its our immature days.

Grade 8, I remember the time that I’ve met Adrian and became my boy bestfriend . 2 months just past at first I did’nt notice at all that I like him. when he already knew it he ignore me I am sad that time because I like him then he ignore me. After 4 months he confess what he feel but that time i did’nt like him anymore.

Grade 9, the year that I regret all the mistakes that I make. September 16, 2016 I feel hopeless I am so down, I feel sorrow, my father passed away. Those summer that I am with him I care for him I talk to him all the mistakes that I make I apologize for everything and I say that I love him so much. I know that in my elementary days at first i did’nt appreciate everything but I realize what is the importance of everything that he make. He is my inspiration.

Year 2017 I transferred here in Mandaluyong High School. At first my classmates treat me well but months past by there are some of my classmates is insicure that I am the top 1 of our class. I just ignore it and go with the flow. I am thankful that I have the oppurtunity to study here in Mandaluyong because of my Aunt. I continue to study hard so that I can turn back all the sacrifices,everything that they lean on me.

My Junior High School life, those are the moments that I feel complete. I encounter different people from different places. I learn how to gain a true friends I learn to socialize more with other people. My Junior High School life taught me to never let others bring me down.

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