The Beauty of Bataan (Travelogue)

Bataan is a province on the Philippines Island of Luzon.Shipwrecks and coral reefs dot the waters of a Subic Bay, of it’s Northwestcoast. Farther South, Marine turtles are hatched at the Pawikan Conservation Center. A towering Memorial Cross and a Shrine commemorating WWII Battle of Bataan Crown Mount Samat in Central Bataan. On the east coast, birdlife thrives the Balanga City Wetland and Nature Park.

We’ve been to Bataan to relax and enjoy. The place that we’ve been was in Mount Samat National Shrine where you can see the large Memorial Cross when you go inside and go up in the end of the cross you can see the whole view and the beauty of Bataan.You can relax because of the view you see it’s very peaceful to see and how the people care about the place that is reserving/preserve. We’ve been to Bataan by riding a car 4 hours travel by land from Mandaluyong take North Luzon Way (NLEX) exit at San Fernando Pampanga, once you see Dinalupihan take Gov. JJ Linao Road then turn right to Aguinaldo Hiway, you will see a big cross above the hill of Mount Samat.


Memorial Cross



The Memorial Cross was dedicated to soldiers who fought for freedom in the Bataan consisting of a Colonnade and the large Memorial Cross, the park was commissioned in 1966 by then President Ferdinand Marcos, for the 25th Anniversary of the WorldWarII. That cross remembrance to the soldieras who fought and lost their lives in the Battle of Bataan.

The Shrine complex also includes a war museum with a wide array of collections from paintings of the Philippine heroes, to armaments used by the Filipino, American and Japanese forces during the battle.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar after we’ve been in Mount Samat we go here in Las Casas as I remember it featured in a teleserye in Gma My Korean Jagiya the park features a collection of 27 spanish colonial-era buildings, with the entire site made to resemble a period settlement. The payment for the daytour is Php 2,500 it’s expensive so some advices of you want to go you need to keep more money.  The houses were chosen based on their historical, Cultural and architectural value.


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


From the Las Casas we go to Pawikan Conservation Center 1 hour to travel and it is 30 kms. As we are travelinf we bought a Cashew because Bataan is also known as the Capital of cashew. In the Pawikan Conservation Center you will amaze for the turtle that you can see and the turtles that hatched.



My experiences in Bataan is amazing it is simple visit but a memorable one. The Memorial Cross and the shrine, the turtles that I’ve seen I enjoy in Bataan because of its relaxing peaceful view. The Beauty of Bataan that will make you feel relieved and nothing to worry in the beautiful tourist spot.


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