Fathers Love: A Reflection Essay

Regret is a negative concious and emotional reaction to one’s personal decision making a change resulting in action or inaction. I never thought that it will happen in my life but the right thing to do is accept it.

My relationship with my father when I was a kid was happy but I was a hard headed back then.There are times that I was angry with my father because he always scold me that I always do mistake. At first I did’nt realize why he do that to me. I got blinded of my anger in him so even though he do efforts I wont appreciate it.

The struggles in our family came when my father got sick. He has a prostate cancer,diabetes,enlargemnet of heart and hypertension. It was summer year 2016 when we knew it. That is the time that I realize all the efforts of my father and I realize that I was wrong. I take care of him when he is in pain I was there I did’nt left him. I always there for him. I was so afraid that time because of  his sick. But the time came before he passed away I talked to him and ask his forgiveness I cry in front of him that I regret all the mistakes that I’ve done.

I really regret why I got angry with my father because it is the reason why my memories with him in a happy moments is just short and I regret that it is too late to say and to feel how much I love him and how much I appreciate all the things that he do. But I need to accept the truth that it happens and have peaceful heart because  before he passed away  he forgive me and that a relief for me so he is my inspiration why I am fighting.

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