Im just a girl
A girl that u can’t ever imagine
A girl u won’t ever dream
That has so many doubts within.

So many people sorround me
With so many faces and characteristics
Faces that will terrified u
Characteristics that will mortified u .

People intended to know ur worth
As long as u being functional in our world
Our world that being destroy
Of some shitty head in the world.

Me being a girl
A girl that wants to change the world
The world that intended to be our home
A home that u want security and safe.

A girl that u could ever imagine
That has a plan to change the world
Just to cooperate and be descipline
In so many ways to be within.

We want to change the world
But u being shitty head will make it worth?
A worth that will be the change
On our world to make it safe.

Im just a girl
A girl that has so many dreams
and a girl u won’t ever dream.


Ikaw! Na marunong umintindi
Ikaw! Na may alam sa nangyayari
Ikaw! Na alerto sa lahat
Ikaw! Na pinagaaralan ang lahat
Ikaw! Na mulat
Ikaw! Na handang makinig
Ikaw! Na may karapatan
Ikaw!na isa sa pagasa ng bayan
Ikaw! Na may boses upang pakinggan
Kailan ka magkakaroon ng lakas na ilalabas ang iyong saloobin,opinyon at mga hinaing.
Kung kailan wala ka nang magawa ? Kung kailan tapos na ?
Ano ang silbi ng taong bayan kung hindi ito pakikinggan,sapilitang patatahimikin upang maitago ang baho na dapat malaman ng lahat.
Kakasa ka ba sa mga isyung inilalabas upang pagtakpan ang dapat na pagtuonan ng pansin? o ikaw ay mananahimik na lamang sa tabi.
Kaya ikaw ano nga ba ang dapat mong gawin?


Akala ko lang pala
Na ako yung gusto niya
Sa mga panahong ako’y naroon pa
Na ipiniraramdam ko na mahal ko siya .

Mahal ko siya ng lubos
Na hindi niya inaakala
Nagbulagbulagan , nagbingibingihan pa siya
Na akala mo’y diko ramdam ang ginagawa niya
Masakit man at mahirap
Kailan mong tanggapin
Dahil kahit kailan hindi ka niya mamahalin

Inakala ko lang pala
Na ako yung mahal niya
Dahil sa mga kilos at salita
Na ipinaramdam niya.

Ipinaramdan niya nga ba talaga?
O sadyang ako’y asumera lang talaga
At umaasa na balang araw ako na yung mahal niya
Sa bawat oras , minuto , segundo sa buhay niya.

Maraming alaala Na nais niyang burahin
Dahil sa inaakala kong ako’y kaniyang mamahalin
Na balang araw ako naman iyong pipiliin
At maramdaman siyang kapiling.

Fathers Love: A Reflection Essay

Regret is a negative concious and emotional reaction to one’s personal decision making a change resulting in action or inaction. I never thought that it will happen in my life but the right thing to do is accept it.

My relationship with my father when I was a kid was happy but I was a hard headed back then.There are times that I was angry with my father because he always scold me that I always do mistake. At first I did’nt realize why he do that to me. I got blinded of my anger in him so even though he do efforts I wont appreciate it.

The struggles in our family came when my father got sick. He has a prostate cancer,diabetes,enlargemnet of heart and hypertension. It was summer year 2016 when we knew it. That is the time that I realize all the efforts of my father and I realize that I was wrong. I take care of him when he is in pain I was there I did’nt left him. I always there for him. I was so afraid that time because of  his sick. But the time came before he passed away I talked to him and ask his forgiveness I cry in front of him that I regret all the mistakes that I’ve done.

I really regret why I got angry with my father because it is the reason why my memories with him in a happy moments is just short and I regret that it is too late to say and to feel how much I love him and how much I appreciate all the things that he do. But I need to accept the truth that it happens and have peaceful heart because  before he passed away  he forgive me and that a relief for me so he is my inspiration why I am fighting.

Life as a Junior: A Personal Narrative

My life in Junior High School was never been easy. I experienced a lot of cahllenges in my life. Those years in Junior High School made me realize and appreciate the memories happened in my life. Even though theres a lot of challenges,struggles in my life it has always my happy and memorable moments in Junior High School.

I was 11 years old when I enrolled in Daraga National High School as a grade 7 student. At first I didnt socialize with my classmates at all because im not comfotable as the time goes by I has a friends that I can relay on, but weeks later they are so angry at me because they are jealous that i am a close friend of the boy they like. I know its our immature days.

Grade 8, I remember the time that I’ve met Adrian and became my boy bestfriend . 2 months just past at first I did’nt notice at all that I like him. when he already knew it he ignore me I am sad that time because I like him then he ignore me. After 4 months he confess what he feel but that time i did’nt like him anymore.

Grade 9, the year that I regret all the mistakes that I make. September 16, 2016 I feel hopeless I am so down, I feel sorrow, my father passed away. Those summer that I am with him I care for him I talk to him all the mistakes that I make I apologize for everything and I say that I love him so much. I know that in my elementary days at first i did’nt appreciate everything but I realize what is the importance of everything that he make. He is my inspiration.

Year 2017 I transferred here in Mandaluyong High School. At first my classmates treat me well but months past by there are some of my classmates is insicure that I am the top 1 of our class. I just ignore it and go with the flow. I am thankful that I have the oppurtunity to study here in Mandaluyong because of my Aunt. I continue to study hard so that I can turn back all the sacrifices,everything that they lean on me.

My Junior High School life, those are the moments that I feel complete. I encounter different people from different places. I learn how to gain a true friends I learn to socialize more with other people. My Junior High School life taught me to never let others bring me down.

The Beauty of Bataan (Travelogue)

Bataan is a province on the Philippines Island of Luzon.Shipwrecks and coral reefs dot the waters of a Subic Bay, of it’s Northwestcoast. Farther South, Marine turtles are hatched at the Pawikan Conservation Center. A towering Memorial Cross and a Shrine commemorating WWII Battle of Bataan Crown Mount Samat in Central Bataan. On the east coast, birdlife thrives the Balanga City Wetland and Nature Park.

We’ve been to Bataan to relax and enjoy. The place that we’ve been was in Mount Samat National Shrine where you can see the large Memorial Cross when you go inside and go up in the end of the cross you can see the whole view and the beauty of Bataan.You can relax because of the view you see it’s very peaceful to see and how the people care about the place that is reserving/preserve. We’ve been to Bataan by riding a car 4 hours travel by land from Mandaluyong take North Luzon Way (NLEX) exit at San Fernando Pampanga, once you see Dinalupihan take Gov. JJ Linao Road then turn right to Aguinaldo Hiway, you will see a big cross above the hill of Mount Samat.


Memorial Cross



The Memorial Cross was dedicated to soldiers who fought for freedom in the Bataan consisting of a Colonnade and the large Memorial Cross, the park was commissioned in 1966 by then President Ferdinand Marcos, for the 25th Anniversary of the WorldWarII. That cross remembrance to the soldieras who fought and lost their lives in the Battle of Bataan.

The Shrine complex also includes a war museum with a wide array of collections from paintings of the Philippine heroes, to armaments used by the Filipino, American and Japanese forces during the battle.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar after we’ve been in Mount Samat we go here in Las Casas as I remember it featured in a teleserye in Gma My Korean Jagiya the park features a collection of 27 spanish colonial-era buildings, with the entire site made to resemble a period settlement. The payment for the daytour is Php 2,500 it’s expensive so some advices of you want to go you need to keep more money.  The houses were chosen based on their historical, Cultural and architectural value.


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


From the Las Casas we go to Pawikan Conservation Center 1 hour to travel and it is 30 kms. As we are travelinf we bought a Cashew because Bataan is also known as the Capital of cashew. In the Pawikan Conservation Center you will amaze for the turtle that you can see and the turtles that hatched.



My experiences in Bataan is amazing it is simple visit but a memorable one. The Memorial Cross and the shrine, the turtles that I’ve seen I enjoy in Bataan because of its relaxing peaceful view. The Beauty of Bataan that will make you feel relieved and nothing to worry in the beautiful tourist spot.

Plastic Surgery In Korea ( Literary Journalism)

As a whole, modern day in Korea is an image concious and competitive nation. Plastic surgery is the standards of being beautiful, greatly depends on how attractive one looks. Why Korean people do plastic surgeries? If you want to know the answer read and let’s find out.

The Korean plastic surgery is trend. How did it all come about? Before diving head first, here are some facts that everyone who is interested in korean plastic surgery should know. The Actual establishment of  Korean War (1953) followed by Japan’s devastating 35 years colonization. Back then, it was one of the world’s poorest nations and one of it’s least developed areas was famous “Gangnam district”.

Appearance came second when the need to eat and survive was strong, 1961 the GDP was below $100 that means the average household earned less than $100 a year, so one can only imagine how poverty stricken the country was. Fast forward to 2015 GDP the GDP capita in South Korea well approaching. Furthermore, as people got wealthier, they had more time and money to spend on their health and beauty.

Beauty became so much focus on their everyday lives this cultural phenomenon has been given the name,”Korean Plastic Surgery Boom”. How much is this ingrained in the South Korea culture? Children as young as high-school aged would receive plastic surgery as graduation gifts from their parents.

For the ladies korean look isn’t very far off. Creating fairer skin,double eyelids, a prominent nose bridge, and a slimmer looking face is commonly requested by may experts. More and more korean celebrities have also found to have gotten surgery. Most popular in korea is double eyelid surgery, which make the eyes look bigger and rounder. Korean people do plastic surgeries because it is their way to be beautiful/handsome person. They are concious on their faces apparently the teenagers.

1953 it is the Korean War were that time it is one of the poorest nations and one of its least developed areas was famous “Gangnam district”. 1961 where the GDP capita was below $100. 2015 the GDP approaching well. That’s the reason why people do surgeries because the income of korean people increases and that the time they are concious about their beauty etc. It is their way to be a beautiful and handsome person. It is one of their standards to be a beautiful and handsome; mostly the celebrities.


Regrets ( Biography)

Rubics cube is a thing that you need to disarrange it before you play it and to match it again in its color. His life is just like a rubics cube he did’nt notice that it is in disarrange time, he is facing the greatest conflict in his teenager life.

Month of December the cold wind blew in every angle of the earth. Day December 3, 1999 a boy named Justine Patac was born. The youngest son of Teodora Patac and Lito Murcilla. He was born in Mandaluyong Hospital, he grew up in Barangka Drive. The greatest conflict he encountered was when he stopped his studies because of the mistakes he made. He was also included to different rumble and gang brawls. At an early age, he also experienced getting some junks because he realize that life is very hard. When he was a kid his father left them and his mother is the only one who supported them. After 2 years Justine realized that he need to change so that he will have a better future. His brother encouraged him to worship God to have faith in God again.

Because of his past experienced I learned that I need to work hard for everything that I make; have a good return for the sacrifice of my parents and guardians in able to give them a better life. And think carefully for every decisions I make.


Pages of My Life (Autobiography)

                     The feeling when I read books makes my mind imagine and explore so many things; It makes my life complete as I read books. I remember a quote from Leonardo The Vinci which goes “Once you tasted of sky you will forever look up” The sky represents the book, once I started reading I cant resist on it I keep on reading and reading, that’s why i like reading it also set my mind at peace when I am reading I also gain some information, knowledge that will make awesomeness when i read.

                       On June 8, 2002, a night that other women consider as the lament or sorrow that they feel,at 10:00 pm I was born in province of Bicol, in Albay where I grow up. I am the youngest children of Virginia and Joselito Nasayao.

My childhood has a lot of memories. My cousin and I like to read a books, I being a temporary Teacher and he as an Engineer. So many things happened in our lives, awesome and memorable ones. These represents the pages in our lives every year, events that happened to us were be written like a story in book. The medals that we received, playing differents sports that we played and some people who we encountered, we think that they can trusted as a good friend.

Another hurtful experience in the past was when my father passed away. I know how hard it is for me and my family to deal the pain but as a family we faced it as one. Such situations will be a memories that will be written in every pages in our life. As the time goes by those memories that we’ve make us realize what are the lesson of each. I have learn that every memories in my life is important and don’t depend on someone for everything I do just believe in myself.

As the years go by I think I will be a professional Teacher. I will have my own house that I, myself has designed and a car. I remember a quote on social media that I’ve seen is “People were created to be loved, Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people being used. This quote make people realize and see what is the real importance of the people around us. Do not focus on one thing but focus for everything.

Revolt Philippines, Revolt!

Philippines, a nation dominated of corruption
Officials full of selfishness and greed
The money and fame, that’s all they need
Always by words,never by action
Blinded by their furious passion
Givesome and worst, indeed
The country continuously, bleed
Look at us, isn’t this a pitiful situation
Through voicing out and activism
We can open their eyes, hear all the lies
Our strength and courage will be our mechanism
To revolt and make everyone wise
In every Filipino’s heart, there is patriotism
That needs to be aware, for we will arise!