Regrets ( Biography)

Rubics cube is a thing that you need to disarrange it before you play it and to match it again in its color. His life is just like a rubics cube he did’nt notice that it is in disarrange time, he is facing the greatest conflict in his teenager life.

Month of December the cold wind blew in every angle of the earth. Day December 3, 1999 a boy named Justine Patac was born. The youngest son of Teodora Patac and Lito Murcilla. He was born in Mandaluyong Hospital, he grew up in Barangka Drive. The greatest conflict he encountered was when he stopped his studies because of the mistakes he made. He was also included to different rumble and gang brawls. At an early age, he also experienced getting some junks because he realize that life is very hard. When he was a kid his father left them and his mother is the only one who supported them. After 2 years Justine realized that he need to change so that he will have a better future. His brother encouraged him to worship God to have faith in God again.

Because of his past experienced I learned that I need to work hard for everything that I make; have a good return for the sacrifice of my parents and guardians in able to give them a better life. And think carefully for every decisions I make.


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